Geometric [adjective]

Definition of Geometric:

pertaining to points, lines, angels and figures used in geometry

Synonyms of Geometric:

Opposite/Antonyms of Geometric:

Sentence/Example of Geometric:

Maybe the design can evolve with left-hand-friendly geometric adjustments to improve it in the future, but as is, it frustrates and irritates with every opening of the driver’s door.

The geometric designs are executed with varying degrees of control and uniformity.

Wall paintings inside that cave depict humans, animals and geometric forms.

Following that email, Kedlaya reached out to Kolpakov, who was also using roots of unity to classify types of geometric shapes.

A sphere and a cube are distinct geometric objects, but to a topologist, they’re indistinguishable.

As Kisin helped Farb and Wolfson connect the dots, they realized that the widespread assumption that Hilbert’s 13th was solved had essentially closed off interest in a geometric approach to resolvent degree.

Yet brighter colors and purely geometric forms also appear, contrasting the earthly elements.

Instead of thinking of it as a single geometric object, they were trying to understand it in terms of the pieces that make it up.

As November nears its close, the calendar and the geometric laws of the heavens impose strict limits perhaps less on the intrinsic quality of our sunshine but on its quantity.

This work involved a mathematical process called an embedding, in which you take an object and transplant it into a geometric space.