Geometries [noun]

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The link between geometry and number theory gave the mathematicians an opening, but they had to work hard to exploit it.

Some of the basic geometry is identical, while some major aspects have been touched up, particularly the character models and background geometry.

Here, the geometry of the target was relevant, since there was now a nonzero probability that consecutive arrows could fall within the same ring.

The geometry of these is less understood, but in the last few decades mathematicians have been able to prove that hypersurfaces always have lines in some cases.

Yet these basic bits of Lego are entities whose wave packets you can, in principle, pack into as small a region as you’d like before the very notion of continuum geometry starts, at the Planck scale, to lose meaning.

Many mathematical questions don’t have real-life consequences, but in March, Quanta took on no less than the geometry of the universe itself.

The aim of a geometry class is not for students to love or hate triangles but to learn the Pythagorean theorem.

The middle of the network, Jumper says, has learned to reason about geometry and space and how to join up those amino acid pairs it thinks are close together based on its analysis of the DNA sequences.

Even so he earned international repute for his original approaches to geometry and other aspects of mathematics.

After all, the same geometry offered a vocabulary to describe the many other mosaic patterns that could exist in both two and three dimensions.