Germane [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Germane:

The subject assigned me is incidental rather than germane to the work of this Congress.

The series of resolutions, as introduced by the honorable Senator from Mississippi, are germane one to the other.

Thou Germane prince of plants, each year to thee,Thousands of subjects grant a subsidy.

One is not the incident of the other, nor in any respect germane to the other.

This is a digression, but very germane to the matter in hand.

But their correction of the texts of Scripture, and their bibliographical work, are germane to our subject.

At Fawkham, however, on the higher ground to the east I found something more germane to the pilgrimage.

He ceased speaking, realizing that what he might have said to Ardmore was not germane to the point at issue.

This suggests another subject germane to our line of thought.

Therefore she plied her wicked wits to force an issue more germane to her desires.