Germicide [noun]

Definition of Germicide:

decontaminating agent

Synonyms of Germicide:

Opposite/Antonyms of Germicide:


Sentence/Example of Germicide:

The germs tenacity of life does not avail against its action as germicide.

When the pure food law went into effect, Phenalgin was labeled a malaria germicide.

Raise the tube with the left hand and shake it to mix germ and germicide, whilst returning the delivery pipette in the right hand.

It probably contributed to the dazzling glories of Mrs. Cole-Mortimer's hair, but it was also a powerful germicide.

A mixture of powdered lime and sulphur has been found to be an effective germicide, if used in time and diligently applied.

A drop or two of carbolic acid or other germicide should be added to prevent decomposition.

She emptied the soap dish, cleaned it, poured in the germicide, and dropped the jade necklace into the liquid.

Such being the chemical facts, we must admit that no reliance can be placed in corrosive sublimate soaps as germicide agents.

Formaldehyde is a powerful germicide, but its penetrating vapor restricts its use.

Formalin, form′al-in, n. a powerful antiseptic and germicide.