Gerrymander [verb]

Definition of Gerrymander:

arrange for certain outcome

Synonyms of Gerrymander:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gerrymander:


Sentence/Example of Gerrymander:

If you don't, I shall give the documents in the gerrymander affair to the papers the day after you fail.

It happens every few years that the newspapers are full of more or less excited talk about a "gerrymander."

It was entirely a party fight; for, by grace of the last gerrymander, the nomination carried with it the certainty of election.

It is not settled who is entitled to the authorship of the word "Gerrymander," for which a number of claimants have appeared.

It was from this incident that the word "gerrymander," so often heard in politics in these days, took its name.

Consequently, every apportionment act involves more or less of the gerrymander.

Under such a system all unfairness would disappear, and the gerrymander would be impossible.

He illustrates a gerrymander which actually made one Democratic vote equal to five Republican votes.

The gerrymander is not produced by the iniquity of parties, it is the outcome of the district system.