Gerunds [noun]

Definition of Gerunds:

action word

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Sentence/Example of Gerunds:

Well, if you have, how are you going to spot the gerund and the gerundive?

"Gerund, sir," said the Coffee-colored Angel with more conviction.

She could hardly wait to take off her coat when she reached her room in Mrs. Gerund's lodging-house.

Usually the phrase is used like an adjective; occasionally it is used like a noun (sometimes called the gerund phrase).

The prepositional and infinitive phrases may have all three uses; the participial phrase has two—adjective and noun (gerund).

The participle has been called an adjectival verbal; the gerund may be called a noun verbal.

Gerund: "Life is a pitching of this penny,—heads or tails;" "Serving others is serving us."

Gerund: "There will be sleeping enough in the grave;" "What signifies wishing and hoping for better things?"

Instances will be found in treating of the pronoun or noun with a gerund, pronoun and antecedent, sometimes verb and subject, etc.

That is, should the possessive case of a noun or pronoun always be used with the gerund to indicate the active agent?