Gesticulated [verb]

Definition of Gesticulated:

make signs, motions to communicate

Synonyms of Gesticulated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gesticulated:


Sentence/Example of Gesticulated:

I moved my lips and gesticulated frantically without result.

As he spoke he gesticulated slightly, and no second glance was needed to realise that he was a thorough-going cosmopolitan.

The more Hadria tried to discover what had happened and what he meant, the faster he spoke and the more wildly he gesticulated.

They gesticulated as they talked, and shrugged their pretty shoulders with a grace taught them by our Spanish predecessors.

His teeth showed white in his beard; he gesticulated and the shadow behind him danced with fury.

Captain Hull gesticulated with such violence that the tight breeches of his naval uniform split from hip to knee.

Forbes was sure that Enslee was proposing to Persis, for he gesticulated, pointed at the landscape and the house.

The chief was delighted; his little eyes sparkled like carbuncles, he leaped, gesticulated, and was half out of his mind.

He was in his shirtsleeves, reading a book held in one hand while he gesticulated wildly with a large pipe in the other--Tartarin!

They stopped for a moment; Jupillon gesticulated earnestly; the girl stared fixedly at the pavement.