Gesticulates [verb]

Definition of Gesticulates:

make signs, motions to communicate

Synonyms of Gesticulates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gesticulates:


Sentence/Example of Gesticulates:

The angry man gesticulates with movements which clearly indicate the impulse to attack that is inherent in anger.

If a Spaniard or Creole loses a dollar he gesticulates and argues about it as though thousands were involved in the issue.

(Bertrand gesticulates his transport) A sanguine cross indelibly remained; but nature and his mothers tears assuaged the pain.

Forty-nine jerks back his dignified head as the bully gesticulates violently.

When in conversation, gesticulates with both hands, wags his head and looks wildly out of the eyes.

On the Place de la Bourse a great crowd discusses, and gesticulates around the piled bayonets which glitter in the sun.

(Gesticulates to bookseller) One glance, Mrs. Bridgmore, will tell you that the book is not for sale.

He talks still more, and gesticulates excitedly with the book in his hand.

And Alan listens, while for more than an hour the little lawyer talks and gesticulates, smiles and frowns.

When he discerns the source of his joys or sufferings, he loves, and gesticulates to repulse or to invite.