Gesticulating [verb]

Definition of Gesticulating:

make signs, motions to communicate

Synonyms of Gesticulating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gesticulating:


Sentence/Example of Gesticulating:

The corridors were full of the sound of shuffling feet, and of shouting and gesticulating people.

The countess was standing up and gesticulating wildly before the little man in the gold-rimmed glasses.

Meanwhile Carie talked busily to herself, gesticulating with one small forefinger.

He is talking hurriedly, gesticulating now to Lincoln, now to Grant, his eyes wandering everywhere.

The captain saw the three men still talking and gesticulating angrily when he reached the schooner.

The Deacon looked at the gesticulating teamster a minute, and the dormant impulse of his youth256 stirred again within him.

All the Huskies came rushing up, screaming and gesticulating.

Then all began gesticulating and shouting to Sergius for help and explanation.

The bigger one threw a great shadow that aped his gesticulating arms behind him on the greenish faces of the buildings.

The gesticulating arm suddenly encircled the smaller man's waist and lifted a leather pouch from the wide belt.