Gestured [verb]

Definition of Gestured:

make signs, motions to communicate

Synonyms of Gestured:

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Sentence/Example of Gestured:

Haar said she is blown away by the support, which started from a spontaneous but profoundly significant gesture from a Starbucks barista — a total stranger, who rapidly became a dear friend.

Executed in soft shapes and gestures, sometimes over stenciled images, the drawings are elegant and lovely.

His team has already shown it is possible to figure out entire hand gestures from a device worn on the wrist.

In its economy, autofictional methods and gestures at untold trauma, “Rest and Be Thankful” recalls Claire-Louise Bennett’s “Pond,” an Irish novella which found an eager American audience in 2016.

As for reports that the new thermostat would contain gesture controls that would allow people to change settings by moving their hands, Desai said “there is no gesture control” on the new device.

The Briton, holding the documents in a pudgy hand, looked at the swift-gestured director with portentous solemnity.

He gestured with his arm to the valley below where a cool stream of water dashed over rocks on its way to join a bigger tributary.

He gestured to Mandleco, who finally took the hint and escorted the visitors into the privacy of the office.

I glanced at Carna, she gestured toward the open gate in the wall, and smiled a daring word.

Perhaps he bowed lower and smiled oftener and gestured more gracefully than Americans are apt to do.