Gesturing [verb]

Definition of Gesturing:

make signs, motions to communicate

Synonyms of Gesturing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gesturing:


Sentence/Example of Gesturing:

"I wasn't born yesterday," said Dink impudently, gesturing with his spoon.

Patch those fellows up the best you can, directed Briggs, gesturing at the pair by the deck-house.

I glanced within and saw the Earl of Westport gesturing and declaiming to a company of gentlemen.

"Them things you put in the stove smell just like brandin' a critter," he said, gesturing toward the kitchen.

He had found an idea, and was off on its exposition, starting up, pacing and gesturing.

They strode along together, Van Ness gesturing and talking; Sherman's head slightly bent as if in thought.

"It's right there," I said, gesturing wearily at the projected pattern under the glassy surface.

This went faster; and after the bear was taken, followed the elk-hunt, and a new sway and crouch of the twelve gesturing bodies.

"This," said Cameron, gesturing with his hand to include the circle of all of them, and the community beyond the window.

He paused a moment, and then went on, nervously gesturing with both his hands simultaneously.