Getaways [noun]

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One problem with choosing a hiking destination for our first real getaway since the coronavirus was that our bodies were more in pandemic shape than anyone’s definition of “fit.”

Still, as sophisticated as the analysis is, it doesn’t yet say how the information makes its getaway.

So if you’re looking for a beach getaway, a wine trip or even a luxurious spa weekend, here are five socially distanced ways to still make your bachelorette festivities extra-special, even with added safety precautions in mind.

If you can still plan a getaway, our local restaurants are open, many with outdoor and socially distant seating.

Kathryn RomeynCalifornia is a perfect getaway nearly all year long.

The diverse and friendly Indianapolis scene makes for a perfect weekend getaway.

"The other one's making a getaway, Mr. McKibben," sang out Chub excitedly.

"Dangerfield was sure doing everything he could to make a safe getaway into Mexico," said he.

Landy related fully the incident as to why he knew that Hulls Barrow and Maizie planned a quick getaway.

"You should have made a getaway in the Manhattan," Ben said, in a moment.