Gets [verb]

Definition of Gets:

come into possession of; achieve

Synonyms of Gets:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gets:

Sentence/Example of Gets:

The man called Shiv was driving Delancy's get-away car at a conservative pace so as not to excite suspicion.

Ten minutes later, Delancy drove the get-away car out of the service station.

It was in this room that Delancy's get-away car had changed paint jobs, and in about ten minutes.

But the exquisite was used to it; he would only have felt badly if they had ignored his new get-up.

There was some sort of a phonograph device under the cowl of that get-away car, and this was hooked up to the radio switch.

Her face was haggard; her general get-up was in something like scarecrow disorder; she didn't even care how she looked.

It's just as his frind, th' most prom'nent get-rich-quick-man iv his time, wanst said: 'Readin' makes a man full.'

I wasn't sure whether that collar was part of your get-up as an eccentric comedian.

We may make our get-away to the East, or we may stop here for good—under ground.

Black Fan had much the worst of the get-away and it looked as if she would be left in the stretch.