Gewgaws [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Gewgaws:

Here again the gewgaw of royal parade was intended to entrap the admiration of the ignorant.

Compare it for a moment with the gewgaw skimble-skamble diplomatic sensationalism with which we have been presented since.

Some of them have been won by a mess of pottage, a mere bauble or a gewgaw.

Patient investigation reveals a lacquered toilet-box with a mirror under the lid, a cheap and nasty gewgaw.

She wondered what Madame Beattie thought she could get out of giving up the adored gewgaw into other hands.

What may that gaudy gewgaw lady be, that throws such scornful looks upon our galleries?

The crown of my fathers has shrunk into a gewgaw and a toy,—their ambition and their spirit are undecayed!

And all of them with some gewgaw to be blessed in the Virgin's bowl.

It thus immediately took its place as a new gewgaw of the rich; that it had any other purpose to serve had occurred to few people.

Any little absurd gewgaw or gimcrack they had they disposed in such a way as to make it attract attention most readily.