Ghastliness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Ghastliness:

When the ship's discoverers boarded her, their eyes were greeted by a sight whose ghastliness filled them with a numbing horror.

Every mark had it, and had it increasingly—this indistinct fiery tinge that painted a new touch of ghastliness into the picture.

Cossiers seemed to revel in the ghastliness of the scene, but the workmanship was certainly of a very high order.

The ghastliness of this thought, brought home so utterly, made him writhe, and grasp the railings as if he would have bent them.

Serena's face was pale to ghastliness; her form shook perceptibly, her eyes scintillated.

His complexion was pale almost to ghastliness, and in his deep-set, sunken eyes there was more than a suggestion of recklessness.

The dead were so pitiable that one quite forgot their ghastliness; but it was a gruesome job searching their pockets.

As he said this he looked at his companion, and noticed for the first time the ghastliness of her countenance.

He felt that his smile was ghastly; but, as she seemed not to perceive it, he drew the conclusion that the ghastliness was within.

It is when the wounded are gathered from the field, and the results of the battle are seen in all their ghastliness.