Ghetto [noun]

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In 1975, FBI Deputy Associate Director James Adams testified before the Senate that the bureau had three times as many “ghetto informants” as confidential sources within the Klan — as good an index as any of the agency's priorities.

An equal pay for work of equal value clause insulates women from the wage inequity inherent in pink ghetto jobs, or jobs that are underpaid by virtue of being predominantly female.

For, in truth, the exterior appearance and the entrance-chambers are the worst part of the Ghetto dwellings.

But the name of the Old Jewry reminds us of the ghetto which was an important part of old London.

To this roaming, hunting, exploring, adventurous breed what greater contrast is there than the denizens of the Ghetto?

Hence it has been suggested Judaicam became Italian Giudeica and thence became corrupted into ghetto.

They belong among the best Ghetto stories that have been written in New York, and they display undoubted talent.

The consequences of this blow were momentous; it may be said to inaugurate the ghetto period.

Dushaw called upon one of the leading reformed rabbis to discuss the general condition of the Jews in the Ghetto.

"Meester Shagarach," he broke in, but stood awed in the presence of Rabofsky, who was a potent man in the Ghetto.