Ghettos [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Ghettos:

They lived like beasts in great squalid labor-ghettos, festering in misery and degradation.

Missions and chapels in the slums and synagogues in the ghettos have carried religion to the lowest classes.

This was the first ray that penetrated the Ghettos from without.

Events occurring in countries undiscovered when Europe confined the Jews in Ghettos are known to us in the course of an hour.

The psychology of the refugees from Russian and Galician Ghettos, who come to live among us, is very hard for us to understand.

At one time the nations of Europe confined the undesirable Jews in city ghettos.

I suppose if our dear Mr. Zangwill had his own way he would fill the world with Ghettos.

Down almost to our own time the Ghettos have existed in Europe, and popular tumults against them continue to occur.

With similar ends in view the printing-press sent into the Ghettos a large number of instructive works in Hebrew and German.

There can be no economic revival in ghettos when the most violent among us are allowed to roam free.