Ghostlike [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Ghostlike:

How the thin wisps of spray, like so much smoke, shot up through the darkness, white and ghostlike!

A white owl that lived in the ivy that covered the north side of the house floated, ghostlike, through the gathering darkness.

Red lights and green lights on ghostlike shadows dotted the stretch of foggy water.

The same almost ghostlike stillness continued, orders were passed backward and forward in whispers.

In two minutes more the carriage halted again, before a building which looked white and ghostlike through the mist.

Crows came sneaking into their camp, keen, scared, ghostlike creatures who brought news of the conflict.

He could see the returning figure of the servant, but it seemed as gray and ghostlike as the entire room about him.

The grand avenue was bridged by tri-coloured balloons floating and shimmering ghostlike far up in the dark sky.

The ghostlike shadowy columns moved slowly with the deliberate consciousness of power.

She rose at Leonard's entrance, and confronted him, a ghostlike figure, deadly pale.