Ghostly [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Ghostly:

Now, imagine being in the same room as the ghostly foe and needing to lead them around in a circle, hoping they don’t catch up with you.

Neutrinos—ghostly particles with just a trace of mass—come along for the ride.

A ghostly mate would be no very pleasant bridegroom for a young lady.

These had a ghostly effect on Yung Pak, and made him cling closely to the side of his tutor.

We visited it in the fading twilight, and a lonelier, more ghostly place it would be hard to imagine.

Startled gasps could be heard from the others in the room as they stared at that ghostly face.

The Japanese matted floor, even in darkness, gives out a sort of ghostly, phosphorescent glow.

Jims eyes were darting about the room to find the source of the ghostly knocks and scream.

Again he sat in the soft darkness, before the ghostly glimmer of the silk, tracing upon it visions of ethereal light.

She profited by the moments indecision to flit swiftly out of the ghostly arcade toward the avenue.