Ghosts [noun]

Definition of Ghosts:

spirit of the dead

Synonyms of Ghosts:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ghosts:






Sentence/Example of Ghosts:

The old show rooms were left to the mice and ghosts, but the more modern suites were all to be occupied.

The air was hot and still so that blobs of pipe smoke clung like earth-bound ghosts about him.

Yes, dark cellars seem to be a favourite abode of these common ghosts.

It appears to be the opinion of the advocates of apparitions that naughty ghosts have cold hands.

They each told their story (these, you will observe were talking ghosts as well as stalking ghosts).

If this be so, doubtless there must likewise be the ghosts of dogs (what "droll dogs" they must be), also of puppies, and asses.

And still no ghosts, Madge sighed, leaning her head cozily against Janets shoulder.

One saw its offspring in the troops of thin white souls that hurry, like ghosts, down the avenues of Life.

I never was inside the old house myself, though I have been close to it at night, and never saw or heard of any ghosts.

He said he knew houses were haunted, and told several stories about ghosts, which he said were true.