Ghoul [noun]

Definition of Ghoul:

evil demon

Synonyms of Ghoul:

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Sentence/Example of Ghoul:

The month comes to a close with Halloween, a spooky, scary time when the nation is haunted by a relentless onslaught of political attack ads in which basically every candidate for public office is depicted as a hideous, bloodsucking ghoul.

All Hallows’ Eve — where any guy, ghoul, or being from the Necronomicon can escape the spooky zone — is the source of my freaky Friday experiment I wish to share with you all.

Skip was Itsi’s main collaborator, helping come up with scary effects and transforming the actors into ghouls and monsters.

He may have meant no more than Emerson, who pictured ill health as a ghoul preying on the heart and life of its victims.

The moonlight made Smith's sallow, disfigured face so much more ghastly than usual, that he had the air of a ghoul or vampyre.

Standing straight, protect us by thy splendor from evil; burn down every ghoul.

Of both portions Jennet and Ellen partook, and would have had Grace join them in the ghoul-like repast, but she refused.

It will cause a woman to fall in love with a ghoul, not to speak of one so tall and handsome as Raymond Lulli.

At last hunger overbore his loathing, and sinking his teeth into the dead flesh before him he feasted like a ghoul.

I can see her well, sitting up with a sudden jerk, the ghoul with the enamel eyes, the lady Nsitanebashru!