Ghoulish [adjective]

Definition of Ghoulish:

hideous, scary

Synonyms of Ghoulish:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ghoulish:

Sentence/Example of Ghoulish:

Such was their appearance; mournful, ghoulish, yet human and warm in a repressed, frustrated way.

So he had devised a ghoulish and crafty punishment, which, the more he pondered it, the more subtle and effective did it appear.

To French readers this scene may seem a ghoulish farce: English humour accepts it from Norwegian humour without demur.

Seen as I had seen it, it was a ghoulish-looking place—as weird as a Paris catacomb—but then daylight makes all the difference.

So once again the phantom rider had brought its grisly message—played its ghoulish rôle.

The lodge door was fastened with a rusty padlock, and the place looked ghoulish.

They were all in high spirits, which might be in any one's case either ghoulish glee or innocence.

The voices of the women, softened to a ghoulish stealth, reached her with uncanny clearness.

I am constant alone—noticeably tensely constant—in my Wavering: and less constant in Wavering than in the ghoulish preference.

He was easily recognizable in spite of his forbidding, ghoulish aspect, towering as he did several inches above his comrades.