Gibber [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Gibber:

Whether gibber comes from geber, as Dr Johnson contends, must remain in doubt.

Gibberish is no doubt derived from gibber, and it means idle nonsense.

See those things that ape our species dance and gibber round the famishing, hunted wretch.

Never a word they said, never a sound from the mouths that seemed to gibber.

If it had not been for the generous supply of "days off" that the Skipper allowed us, we should by February have begun to gibber.

Appleby waved his hand in a gesture of such bland welcome that Lonsdale seemed to gibber with suppressed mortification and rage.

At this point the man broke down altogether and began to gibber.

He seldom uttered a sound beyond a gibber, and hardly seemed to be conscious.

For either all works of visual art have some common quality, or when we speak of "works of art" we gibber.

He makes over the lovers into two monstrous Cossacks, who gibber and squeak at each other while reading some obscene volume.