Gibbering [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Gibbering:

Shortly after this the youngest apprentice went below, and found the ill-used lad standing on a locker, and gibbering fearfully.

The sight he was looking on would have sent three men out of five into gibbering idiocy.

But there's nothing fine about it, when one sees these gibbering blockheads shouting and yelling about nothing.

I saw at the bottom of the bed, a most hideous—a most detestable face—gibbering, and making mouths at me.

But as the blows and screams continue we break out into an insane gibbering of helpless rage.

Well might she shudder, as the gibbering screams of the maniacs over head echoed through the stillness of that cold, gloomy vault.

He would jump out, gibbering frightfully, and I would scream and wake up.

Nor is she the woman to make me forget my manhood and pride, to tumble me down doddering at her feet and gibbering like an ape.

Gibbering, I tried to get away, to flee or scram, but it was too late.

For such gibbering lunacy as this the master mariner had no fit reply.