Gibbon [noun]

Definition of Gibbon:

order of mammals

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Sentence/Example of Gibbon:

Another famous man was born at Putney: Edward Gibbon, the historian.

Gibbon was, in fine, exceedingly human, and his person was almost grotesque.

Of the apes, though many can stand upright, the gibbon is the only one that attempts to walk in this position.

Their motion is like that of the gibbon when in haste, a series of jumps or swings between the supporting arms.

Their attitude is in all cases an approach toward the erect one, which posture is attained by the gibbon.

It is shortest in the chimpanzee, somewhat longer in the gorilla, still longer in the orang, and remarkably long in the gibbon.

James Gibbon, the hero of Stony point, died at Richmond, where for several years he had been collector of customs.

Your projects are vast; but the essential thing seems to be a present decent increase of rent for Aunt Gibbon.

When will you send me up the lease for Mrs. Gibbon, who will soon complain of my delay by a thundering Epistle?

It is a certain fact that the Gibbon exists, and that his resolutions have been as usual much better than his intentions.