Gibing [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Gibing:

Be content, then, nor gibe at thy betters of "the Duke of B——'s establishment— that's all."

Then he looked down the long table at Odin and could not resist one gibe.

Foolish people are fond of quoting a foolish gibe: "Be good, and you may be happy; but you will not have a good time."

Her will revived public interest in the forgotten beauty of the past generation, and afforded many a gibe at her expense.

Baudichon breathed quickly, partly with the haste he had made across the road, partly in irritation at the gibe.

All Wingfield would have understood the gibe: Addie Wicks was the dullest girl in town.

Instead, he broke out in a laugh, with a gibe flung first at Gilbert Stair and then at Falconnet.

No reply was made to Rosalie's gibe and the lesson went on in its usual uneventful manner.

This, which might sound like a gibe, is to my mind a ground for great hope and for some envy.

All at once a storm comes, and Caliban feels that he was a fool to gibe at Setebos.