Giddiness [noun]

Definition of Giddiness:


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Sentence/Example of Giddiness:

The Arizona Cardinals’ rebuild arrived at a giddy zenith Sunday afternoon with a Hail Mary play, a little less than two years after it began with a Hail Mary plan.

Persons affected with giddiness can only reach it with great difficulty, if indeed they can do so at all.

My complaint was a giddiness in the head, brought on by riding in the sun.

Both Giddiness and the Ice-Maiden seize a man as an octopus seizes all within its reach.

When he got down into the street in the full blaze of noon-day, he had a touch of giddiness.

Darby was staggering from giddiness and stumbling at every step.

A sickening giddiness came over the two Earthians, for there were no devices to produce artificial gravity here.

A sudden giddiness seized upon the trembling girl, as the thought occurred to her: Suppose these two young men should meet.

Anthony grew conscious of a giddiness, and all the next day he was scarcely fit for his work.

He felt a momentary sense of confusion, a brief mental giddiness, and then he pulled himself together.