Gifted [adjective]

Definition of Gifted:

talented, intelligent

Synonyms of Gifted:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gifted:

Sentence/Example of Gifted:

It certainly succeeds as an elegantly crafted memoir of a gifted journalist, but in a shift from my own younger admiration for the grizzled foreign correspondent, I’d hesitate to call it a definitive account of a country very much still in motion.

There’s Jordan Reed, the gifted tight end whose brilliance was squelched by constant injuries — symbolic of a team that ended the previous three seasons with more than 20 players on injured reserve.

He is one of the toughest and most gifted players I’ve ever been around and we all wish him nothing but the best moving forward.

Mirzakhani attended a high school for gifted girls and studied mathematics at Sharif University of Technology in Tehran before heading to Harvard and eventually a professorship at Stanford University.

Lauren Graham and Kelly Bishop are extraordinarily gifted actresses who play beautifully against each other, and the mingled love and resentment of Lorelai and Emily’s relationship forms one of the show’s richest emotional wells.

A few were exceptionally gifted and high-performing but also complainers or pessimists.

She knew that she alone of all human beings was gifted with the power to understand and fully sympathize with him.

Much later, in the case of all but gifted children, do the mysteries of harmony begin to take on definite form and meaning.

The Brothers crowded round their visitor, and he joined in their talk and even heard himself thanking the gifted musician.

I felt I was in the presence of a strong, natural man, gifted with great discernment and ability but full also of human kindness.