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Bastian Lehman, CEO of Postmates, also penned an op-ed on CNN about gig workers and how there needs to be a third classification of workers, which is essentially what Prop 22 is pushing.

One recent gig took place across three different locations, including a beach town in the south of France and New York City.

It was a temporary position holding him over between hospital gigs in Austin and New Mexico, where he now lives and works.

The phone-hanging tactic may reflect increased competition among workers for Flex jobs among workers at a time when Uber and Lyft rides—another popular source of so-called gig work—are in decline due to the pandemic.

As gig companies continue to campaign against worker reclassification, some are now hiring full-time employees positioned to organize such efforts.

I’m just realistic and keenly aware that, given the current theatrical landscape and lack of adequate compensation once a gig is finally secured, one simply cannot sustain themselves financially.

My first full-time journalistic gig was writing about cellphones and telecommunications, and it began in mid-2006, a fascinating time for the sector.

Instead of paying attention to job postings, the creative said he’s now taken to reaching out to chief creative officers to find a new gig.

With fresh Covid-19 cases every day, going to a music gig, a food festival, or the simple act of watching a movie on a big screen is unlikely to return for the foreseeable future.

Lovero-Holliday, 50, got into gig work after being laid off two years ago from her job as an HR manager.