Giggle [noun]

Definition of Giggle:

snickering laugh

Synonyms of Giggle:

Opposite/Antonyms of Giggle:


Sentence/Example of Giggle:

Diamond Miller is the lanky, 6-foot-3 New Jersey native from a family of basketball players who is quick to flash a smile and share a giggle.

Those giggles and guffaws can seem like just silly throwaways.

She laughed a little hollow laugh—a poor little, weak, stagey giggle.

Others will receive every observation with a little hysterical giggle.

Chasing close behind the musical contagion of his deep guffaws followed the softer, gentler giggle of the dainty pink-veiled lady.

Although used to the nonsense of the children, Sarah couldn't entirely repress a giggle as Kitty glared at her.

Here Mrs. Twitchel looked up from her knitting, with apologetic giggle at Mrs. Brown.

I did not hear the door open, but I heard mother's calm voice, gently reproving Jane for an unseemly giggle.

How the young hens would giggle if I did, and how the old ones would cackle!

The boy pointed his finger over his mother's shoulder, and the other children burst into a loud giggle.