Giggled [noun]

Definition of Giggled:

snickering laugh

Synonyms of Giggled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Giggled:


Sentence/Example of Giggled:

The door was pushed open; a crowd of girls giggled in; Tessa bowed to Mary Sherwood and moved 63 aside.

The girl giggled, Jim flushed, and fished out two one-dollar bills, which he passed over to Scattergood.

"Better stop making a fuss, first off," growled another masculine voice, and again Betty giggled nervously.

Dora giggled the minutes away, and at five minutes to twelve they were on a seat, screened against humanity's intrusion.

The girl upon whom the eyes were fixed, blushed and giggled and tossed her head with a sudden show of pride.

One woman giggled convulsively; another took a glass of water and choked.

"Now take your time," Forrester said, and the losers all giggled at once, like a trained chorus.

Vous dites toujours des btises, giggled the lady from Arzamass.

Jerry drew a long breath as she concluded, then giggled softly as the absurdity of her own conception struck her.

"And you nearly frightened the senses out of me by growling at me in that way," giggled the girl.