Giggling [noun]

Definition of Giggling:

snickering laugh

Synonyms of Giggling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Giggling:


Sentence/Example of Giggling:

Human resemblances at the Zoo are quite enough to call up this purely functional giggling.

A distant light, and the noise of females giggling, which increased most indecorously as I drew near, attracted my attention.

There was a good deal of giggling and loud whispering at the back door of the barn.

The first time Twinkleheels saw them travelling at that gait he couldn't help giggling.

Ned still giggling with both hands to his black mouth replied distrustfully.

Several of the Boer girls were the first, but few of them had any ideas, being mostly of the fluffy-brained, giggling type.

Instantly they slid back to the bottom again and lay in a heap, gasping and giggling.

Dr. McLean always insisted that it was continuous giggling that kept them all from freezing that bitter night.

Recovering from their fear, the girls advanced again, Peggy giggling nervously.

The blue eyes opened part way; the mouth twitched,—was Peggy giggling, even before she regained consciousness?