Gimlet [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Gimlet:

Gorenflot went off quite happy, and then Chicot made, with a gimlet, a hole in the partition at about the height of his eye.

To broach a pipe, pierce it with an auger or gimlet, four fingers- breadth over the lower rim, so that the dregs may not rise.

He stood, shivering, with gimlet flames in his eyes, his fingers twitching restlessly.

Tom had broken his gimlet and three extra ones which fortunately some one had brought.

I will not have thee strike thy gimlet into these weak vessels; prick thine enemies, Ralph.

This weapon he usually carries under his tail, but when about to be used makes him resemble a gimlet in form.

She turned around in joyful relief to encounter a pair of gimlet-like black eyes in the face of an old woman.

To conceal this lock, draw the string through the gimlet hole and fasten a nail on the string.

But if a string is attached to one end it may be unfastened by pulling the string up through the gimlet hole in the door.

The door shows the two strings H and K coming through gimlet holes near the top.