Gingerbread [adjective]

Definition of Gingerbread:

accessory; excess

Opposite/Antonyms of Gingerbread:

Sentence/Example of Gingerbread:

With fragrances boasting fir and gingerbread, it’s the ideal quad for the season.

Grace screeches, as she and her friends drop their gingerbread-house construction and run into the living room to tell the adults cramming our small apartment for our annual party.

So, we built out what we call The Cold Spike and had ice rink, these were all decorated as gingerbread houses.

The Container Store sells a 10-inch square cookie tin shipper box that fits an 8½ -inch tin perfectly to keep gingerbread Santas from being damaged in transit.

On the way I passed a gingerbread shop, and the fixed idea took hold of me that you must like gingerbread.

There must be either a good deal of gilded gingerbread or a great let of the genuine article, at our places of worship.

They then went into a room where little pages handed them sweetmeats and gingerbread-nuts.

Nay he made the gingerbread mother a kind of prime-minister, said the angry public, justly scandalized at this of the "Dovekin."

Nettie was amazed and dismayed to find how much even soft gingerbread cost, when every pan of it had to be counted in money.

He dropped the bananas into the paper bag holding the gingerbread, and frowned heavily.