Girder [noun]

Definition of Girder:

main support beam

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Sentence/Example of Girder:

A fundamental difference in girder bridges arises from the mode of support.

In the girders of bridges the horizontal girder is almost exclusively subjected to vertical loading forces.

The centre girder may be built on the cantilevers and rolled into place or lifted from the water-level.

Sometimes a girder is rolled out about one-third of its length, and then supported on a floating pontoon.

In addition, an allowance is made for pressure on the leeward girder according to a scale.

A main girder consists of an upper and lower flange, boom or chord and a vertical web.

The bracing bars, therefore, for this part of the girder must be adapted to resist either tension or thrust.

The loads at D′, E, due to unit weight on the rail girder are (p-n)/p and n/p.

The cantilever and suspended girder types are as economical and free from uncertainty as to the stresses.

They produced fire with a rock against a section of slightly rusted girder.