Girlfriends [noun]

Definition of Girlfriends:

female acquaintance or romantic companion

Synonyms of Girlfriends:

Opposite/Antonyms of Girlfriends:




Sentence/Example of Girlfriends:

My girlfriend eventually extricated us from the conversation and brought me to the back patio where we got a table.

He greets viewers and introduces us to his girlfriend, Annachiara Zoppas, who lies on a couch reading Anne Frank’s The Diary of a Young Girl.

She went directly to their female support staff and to their girlfriends and wives before she even came in for her meetings.

As far as he’s concerned, that means she doesn’t really exist — which means it’s fine for him to string her along even though he has a girlfriend and never actually try to kiss her.

He admitted during sentencing that he’d been smoking meth all day with his buddy and thought I was a guy who had been hitting on his girlfriend earlier that night.

My girlfriend and I liked how they looked so much, we used them to plant flowers we later put outside the front door.

I tell people it’s almost like breaking up with a girlfriend when you were … like it doesn’t ever get … You don’t get to go, “OK, I was kidding.”

Frasier has more girlfriends than you can count and Niles, early on, falls head over heels in love with Daphne.

Lamar Ferguson, the plaintiff, said he was walking home with his pregnant girlfriend when Thao and another officer stopped him without cause, handcuffed him and proceeded to kick, punch and knee him with such force that his teeth shattered.

Marcus got suspended from school and fought with his dad and wondered if he was good enough for his kick-ass girlfriend.