Girlish [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Girlish:

He crushed them in his, then bent his head and kissed them; first the girlish right hand, then the left.

Tom, at the opposite end of the table, watched her girlish figure, her graceful gestures.

Lady May, although her girlish ways have not forsaken her, has no present thoughts of making any man happy.

As she made herself comfortable in his deepest chair she heard the girlish shallow voice launch out into a eulogy of the scenery.

She was a slim, girlish-looking woman, with a cascade of long dark hair falling over her shoulders.

In his heart he was rejoicing over her pretty exhibition of girlish love and unselfishness.

The keenest eye at that time could have detected no wrinkle on Lucy's lovely girlish face.

Perhaps it was the pathos of the story of one missionary barrel as told by girlish lips trembling with feeling.

"With all my heart," returned Evelyn gayly, and away they went, racing down the broad gravelled walk in merry girlish fashion.

My adored Percy, pardon the girlish confession,—I have kissed the letter at this place.