Girlishness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Girlishness:

She could not refrain from a certain girlishness which, having regard to her years, her waist and her complexion, was ridiculous.

She had lost the fawn-like girlishness that would take flight; there was no nun-spirit within her now to cry "Help me!"

It seemed to deepen the color of her hair and at the same time to give a touch of girlishness to her figure.

Her long hair hung in heavy braids that gave an almost childlike girlishness to her appearance.

He took her in his arms—the form that even age could not rob of its girlishness—and pressed her face to his breast.

It is the picture of a beautiful girl, to judge of it by the girlish face and hair, the girlishness of the long, slender neck.

He and Kedzie talked their honeymoon plans with the boyishness and girlishness of nineteen and sixteen.

In the moonlight her little blush gave her face a marvellous look of girlishness, and his eyes shone as he looked at her.

There was a sweet girlishness about it and the soft, light accent of the Charlestonian was very marked.

The sweetness and girlishness now stood aside in the presence of a somber and haunting tragedy that was real.