Girls [noun]

Definition of Girls:

young female person

Synonyms of Girls:

Opposite/Antonyms of Girls:


Sentence/Example of Girls:

She herself had worn them in her youth, and they were the proper bonnets for "growing girls."

She apparently prefers to paint single figures of women and young girls, but her works include a variety of subjects.

And as for the two girls, they were utterly speechless under the pressure of feeling.

He had five girls by his first wife; there is no reason why this splendid cow I have picked out should not produce a dozen boys.

One of the little girls in pigtails was holding him, while Miss Anne administered the feeding-bottle.

There was a very audible titter in the corner where three thoughtless young girls had squeezed themselves into one rocking-chair.

Little girls perhaps represent the attractive function of adornment: they like to be thought pretty.

Hereupon he was caused much embarrassment and discomfiture, for of the three girls, he knew not which one was Irene.

One finds new friends;—and dear little girls; and—goodness knows what I shall find next.

Both girls were enthusiastic; they spent a long afternoon determining this, arranging that.