Gist [noun]

Definition of Gist:

meaning, essence

Synonyms of Gist:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gist:

Sentence/Example of Gist:

Anyway, basically the gist of it was that they would not be picking that meal up and they wanted to donate it.

“The gist is we have more resources and it’s easier to get these resources to the fire quickly because of technology,” he said.

Even for those who “have got the gist of that,” like VW, “whether they’re able to act on it or not within the required time frame is more challenging.”

It takes a bit of deciphering to understand, but once you’ve got the hang of it, you can get the gist of a specific location’s weather in just a few minutes.

Somehow, ART had learned “the gist” to the secret of biofuel manufacturing.

Dont forget to tell the examiner that Toly and Modi are prepared for the upper division, so runs the gist of his letters.

As the gist of the tort consists of the injury done to one's reputation, the defamatory statement must have been published.

The gist of the Minority Report so far, at any rate, as the non-able-bodied are concerned may be put even more shortly.

The boss pushed that part of it aside abruptly, as he always does when he has got hold of the gist of a thing.

I can tell you the gist of them both in a few well-chosen phrases!