Git [interjection]

Definition of Git:

go away

Synonyms of Git:

Opposite/Antonyms of Git:


Sentence/Example of Git:

Blamed ef I'd lived in a country all my life, ef I wouldn't know better'n to git caught out in such weather's this!

He left about a hundred of us here to make believe we 'uns ware goin' to attack Paris, so to give him time to git away.

He tolt me thar couldn't nobody git up thar whar they'd gone; no white folks, I mean.

Lawlessness is b'ilin' around inside o' me, an' I'm goin' to git right out!

They stopped fer water an' then hiked right on, jest as though they was in a hurry ter git some'r's.

The way ye was shootin' along, it looked as though ye'd git to where ye was goin' purty nigh before ye started.

We kin git the papers to start a holler and have folks demandin' action of their representatives, and sich like.

The tears come in her eyes as she ast whar I'd git de money, seein' we was layin' up what come from de Norf for de chile.

First one was to git your attention on this here bill so's you wouldn't notice my little stage-line thing.

If she is thar I'd walk all de road from Floridy to see her, if I couldn't git thar no other way.