Giver [noun]

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The gift demands the voluntary use of it for the end intended; and the Giver requires that the gift be consecrated to him.

A courteous manner, and graceful offer of service are valued highly when offered, and the giver loses nothing by her civility.

On the first page was written in ink, in an elegant hand, an inscription on the part of the giver.

We have tried to decide upon the prize winner in a way that will satisfy the giver of the prize, tooMrs.

In all the ancient nations the sun-god was a prominent deity, as the giver of heat and light, and hence of fertility to the earth.

Pecuniarily the concerts were likewise a success, although the concert-giver was of a different opinion.

Again, blessing is always accompanied with joy; it is a joy, and it gives joy, both to the giver and the receiver.

Several may have sent similar gifts; but each is set out to the best possible advantage, with the name of the giver attached.

For the sake of what liberal giver did they run, and their comrades followed, as streams of rain filled with food?

You shake the sky and the mountains for wealth to the liberal giver; the forests bend down out of your way from fear.