Glacial [adjective]

Definition of Glacial:

extremely cold

Synonyms of Glacial:

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Sentence/Example of Glacial:

The satellite images seem to point clearly to such a landslide, rather than a typical glacial lake overflow, Shugar says.

This research could provide a key piece of evidence in that case, by directly connecting emissions to the growth of the glacial lake.

The ice here is effectively the remnants of what were probably more extensive glacial structures in the past.

The astonishingly fast development of safe and effective vaccines is being stymied by the glacial pace of actual vaccinations while 3,000 Americans die each day.

Researchers found that microbes collected from Icelandic glacial streams rich in dissolved hydrogen were better adapted to use the gas than those from a Canadian glacial stream where hydrogen was less plentiful.

When champagne does change, it’s at a glacial pace usually driven from the outside.

The official board, created at a glacial pace over the past two years, announced last week that it would begin hearing appeals immediately.

There’s also more rainfall than there used to be, which affects the glacial conditions.

This executive acknowledged that Google has been “moving at a glacial speed in CTV, but when they get there, they’ll still be a glacier.”

The lake, which was about 20 kilometers long, was found near the south pole, at the base of an area of thick glacial ice called the South Polar Layered Deposits.