Glacier [noun]

Definition of Glacier:

mountain of ice, snow

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Sentence/Example of Glacier:

The channels are deeper and more complex than previously thought, and may be funneling warm ocean water all the way to the underside of the glacier, melting it from below, the researchers found.

From January to March 2019 researchers used a variety of airborne and ship-based methods — including radar, sonar and gravity measurements — to examine the seafloor around the glacier and two neighboring ice shelves.

They do, however, welcome visitors to their wild Arctic frontier, marked by 11,000-foot peaks, polar bears, and Jakobshavn, the planet’s fastest-moving glacier.

These are the shadows of mountains on Pluto—craggy peaks that are composed of deep-frozen water ice and capped with nitrogen glaciers.

Joe Levy, a geologist at Colgate University who wasn’t involved with the study, thinks the glacier research is thought provoking, but does point out it “struggles to pin down a single process that is responsible for forming each valley.”

He, along with other students, learned how to make Ladakhi stupas — artificial glaciers that are used to save water for the dry summers.

Bartholomaus, Gilbert and Hotaling were curious about how quickly the glacier mice traveled.

He studies glaciers at Nottingham Trent University in England.

As the glacier melts around a ball, it ends up perched atop a pedestal of ice.

Such moss balls can be found scattered across a few of the world’s glaciers in places such as Iceland and Alaska.