Gladdened [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Gladdened:

For there came a morning when, on going to her with my lessons for the day, I was gladdened with an unexpected holiday.

No friend had visited him during the day, no book entertained him, no musical idea gladdened him.

So Alaeddin proceeded to eat and the Maugrabin with him and they were gladdened and refreshed and their souls were cheered.

The manly hero with the Maruts has gladdened me, the suppliant, with more vigorous health.

After anxious waiting, those who had stayed behind were gladdened by the good news that for the present their homes were safe.

Aladdin's Cave with its medley of boxes, tins, picks and shovels, gladdened our eyes at 10 P.M. on the 17th.

In after years it became filled with rich gifts from the other side of the world, and books that have gladdened my heart.

Gladdened, the seeker for virtue commanded them to be given the silver, for they loved peace.

The deliverance of the city of Orléans must have gladdened the heart of the old Orleanist partisan.

The northern troops, also, were meeting with successes, and news of their victories gladdened all hearts.