Gladiatorial [adjective]

Definition of Gladiatorial:

aggressive, combative

Synonyms of Gladiatorial:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gladiatorial:

Sentence/Example of Gladiatorial:

Being a scientist can be like willingly entering into a Roman gladiatorial contest.

Have one also on the gladiatorial fights and one on the Christian massacres, many of which took place here.

They strike the English eye as being attired for football, or a gladiatorial combat, rather than a summer game.

The gladiatorial show had lost its charms for him and his mind brooded gloomily over coming events.

Mr. Henson throws in some not ineloquent remarks about the abolition by Christianity of the gladiatorial shows at Rome.

No public event attracts more attention in America than a gladiatorial fight to the finish between the champion and some aspirant.

Cuba had entered the ceaseless arena of American, gladiatorial, humanitarian contest.

He slowly extended both arms and stood upright in gladiatorial strength and compelling erectness.

The bull fight of Spain and Portugal is the modern form of the gladiatorial shows of ancient Rome.

He cared neither to provide nor to attend exciting gladiatorial shows.