Glaive [noun]

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In French writings the word glaive is sometimes loosely used for lance or sword.

Strike at the noble and the priest shrieks, strike at priest and the noble lays his hand upon glaive.

And when he had come there he perceived a great glaive upon a pole two ells long.

Il mit les trois lys dans ses armes et fit passer sur le royaume lclair de son glaive.

Once he threw her on the ground, but the second time she threw him, and drew her glaive to pierce his breast.

Red was his weed and his glaive was white, And there stood Gregory the Wright.

They stood by the door with glaive and spear; ‘Hildebrand rise and hasten here!’

Payne, en 1793—il fut conduit au Luxembourg o le glaive fut longtemps suspendu sur sa tte.

Spartacus was aroused, and nothing but a glaive or a battle-axe could bring him to silence and submission.

To be thus arrested was to be seized "à le glaive de l'espée."