Glamor [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Glamor:

The glamor of the situation, with his father as the recognized champion of labor, fitted smoothly into his own rebellious dreams.

It came upon him suddenly that the sweet witchery, the glamor falling over him was—love.

Little in touch with the true spirit of Christianity, it was easily led by the glamor of resounding phrases and classical figures.

She saw all in the clear light of reason, not in the glamor of love, and her judgment condemned them both.

Strange is a Celtic landscape, far more moving, disturbing than the lovely glamor of Italy and Greece.

The glamor of the day had passed, and now what mockery and bitterness came with the cold, unimpassioned light of the moon!

Love, she had always heard, must fix itself upon some one endearing object and lay its glamor over definite features.

The Northland for you, probably, is invested in a mysterious glamor.

Jennie fell to her task in silence, but the glamor of the great world was having its effect upon her senses.

These trips have golden, unforgettable charm, and indicate the glamor which approaching manhood was flinging over my world.