Glamour [noun]

Definition of Glamour:

sophisticated style

Synonyms of Glamour:

Opposite/Antonyms of Glamour:

Sentence/Example of Glamour:

When big events come to town — looking at you, Sundance Film Festival — the parties are next-level, with a bit of Hollywood glamour taking over the town’s historic Main Street.

He does not have the supernova ability of Mahomes, the glamour of Tom Brady or even the speed of Hill.

David — apolitical, law-abiding, and a lowlander to boot — quickly succumbs to Alan’s glamour, swagger and almost whimsical egotism.

At last, Locked Down gives us at least a little bit of what we’d hoped for all along, some pandemic glamour, if such a thing is possible.

While it might not have the outright glamour of other soups, I am enamored with it nonetheless.

The Screenplay design using a large lens inspired by old Hollywood glamour while the Director’s Cut mockup reinterpret’s the brand’s bestselling Blockt sunglasses.

It’s not that she’s a gold digger, but part of Logan’s allure at this point is that he belongs to a world of wealth, glamour, and privilege at a time when Rory is growing increasingly tired of the world she grew up in.

Much glamour has been cast upon the names of Solomon and David by their alleged writings.

The glamour was still upon his eyes with a degree of reality stronger than the reality even of normal life.

That has been left for us to discover, and that glamour in which we see their age is one afforded only by the lapse of time.