Glanced [verb]

Definition of Glanced:

look at briefly

Synonyms of Glanced:

Opposite/Antonyms of Glanced:



Sentence/Example of Glanced:

He glanced aside, and saw an exceedingly pretty, dark face, which looked vaguely familiar.

"We are going into the sunlight, out of the shadow;" and she glanced back at the west, which was of a slaty blackness.

She glanced up at him softly, under long lashes,—a thrilling glance; but he missed its radiance, for his own eyes were far away.

When we got down into the bottom Mac turned aside to the deep-worn trail and glanced sharply down at the ruts.

I pulled up and glanced about, but the clumps of scrubby timber were just plentiful enough to cut off a clear view of the flat.

Mrs. Wren glanced at the small person whose breakfast she had interrupted.

He aimed at the yawning hippopotamus and fired, hitting it on the skull, but at such an angle that the ball glanced off.

Several times during dinner I glanced at Ethne, but it was easy to see that all her attention was taken up by her lover.

He glanced rather wistfully in a puzzled way at the lovely little face framed with blowing golden hair.

Involuntarily Isabel glanced at Mrs. Kaye; Flora had hinted to her of the lady's designs.